About me

“The reality that we see, infinite, but only her favorites, meaningful, decisive moments,
which we struck something, they remain in our memories.
Of all the means of representation only photography can capture a precise moment.
We play with things that disappear, and when they’re gone, you can not get them back again. ”
Henri Cartier BRESSON


I – the photographer. I’m not just a photographer, I – a professional photographer. So much for a small set-top box “professional” requires to much.

I will not tell you that I have made every photograph there is a part of my soul, as my soul is never enough for a whole string of my work. What exactly is there in my work – my talent, hours of work and my knowledge.

I will not tell you about that much different from the layman a professional, you are well aware that in order to bear the proud name of a professional, you need to learn this profession. Being a photographer you need to learn. We have to learn a long and tedious. Studies put the light on all the rules of physics, in order to maintain the ideal proportions of the face and body of prophetic and hide some flaws that, by the way, flaws and are not. Learn to choose the optimal optics, so that the client was not surprised why his nose more than a hundred times what he used to see in the mirror every day. You often trembled from photographs pasted in the passport of your friends? Recipe corrupt officials is very simple – the wrong light, plus the wrong lens.

Learning is necessary and post-processing images. It is a science, believe me. A minimum of three color spaces are in perpetual conflict, a camera that never compare with the human eye and the human eye itself – and all these denominators must be brought to a harmonious solution to the eye happy colors in a picture on the screen and in print. Here it is not mathematics and sense of color can not do. As well as can not do without a professional monitor properly calibrated, so that you do not wonder why such a beautiful color screen printing turned into something unintelligible, brownish-purple color.

I – photographer, photography my profession. His work, first of all, I want to please you, to save moments of your life for a long, long time. Memory often brings us, picture

Creative Studio MNfoto – is a team of enthusiasts of the business, where every employee is a high professional in your field. That is what enables us to be the best, and you – getting the highest quality and efficiency.