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It all started from childhood … I remember my mother’s lipstick is now the first, powder, pencil … It’s something that would seem to lead us into adulthood beauty. Be as my mother – a child is no better compliment. And transferring it all into adulthood in everyday makeup or festive wear make – we all grow old struggled trying to exceed expectations, show and reflect our soul in every brush stroke, but not always, not knowing the nuances that we do it properly. That is, make out “spiritual” but does not reflect and does not emphasize our advantages and, unfortunately, does not hide the flaws.

How to fix it? Tummy? Dear beauticians? Cucumbers and sour cream on the face? All of the above takes place, only the variation in the desire and the age and capabilities, but, my dear girl, correct to refer to the competent makeup artist, who immediately determine the texture of the skin, minor or major problems, and of course the virtues that will wrap your greatest advantage . Deficiencies will be eliminated, dignity – multiplied, and all this – only a skillful make-up.

After all, each of us is always playing different roles in the work we are alone at home the other, with your favorite third … and so many of them have modern girl responsibilities and hassle. All that plunges us into a routine, whether we like it or not. But as soon as we need to open up, or, on the contrary, is closed: the best weapons from the time of ancient man were patterns on his face. They testified about belonging to a particular class, caste or group of people. Indicates important characters that had to know at the time: dangerous if you are who you are, how you live. Now everything is exactly the nuances, however, changed the means and what exactly we wanted to convey with the help of makeup. We’re not trying to scare anyone, but on the contrary we want to hit, and to fight the felling, so typical for females, it is so important to feel loved, wanted and desired. And our task is to help in this to you, dear lady.

Make-up – is the real art and make-up artist – an artist, he writes not only pictures, but creates images, not on canvas, but on the face and body. The art of makeup is not just the ability to apply makeup, but also in the ability to create a harmonious way, combining and clothes and hairstyle and demeanor. Therefore, a professional make-up as required when creating any image, including the image you want to capture in a photograph. The task of a professional makeup artist – to find and emphasize the strengths and hide or beat disadvantages. The result is what we like to call a loud word “perfection”.

Would you like to unusual patterns, or classic makeup, smokey ice or necheral – all voplotimo! Bold ideas, or ideas modest – it’s what we expect from you. If you do not have ideas, but only wishes – we still manage. Since no one understands better girl than the girl. Even makeup, it’s almost like a psychologist: just you go away not only with composure, but with a competent and beautiful visage.

Makeup for photo or video recording is different from other types of makeup. Makeup artist working on creating an image for shooting takes into account one small detail – tsvetopogloschenie. This item is difficult to take into account, creating an image of yourself. But knowing how the photo and video camera hides colors, a professional makeup artist will be able to take into account this feature and make sure that it is in the photo you looked irresistible.

Wedding, evening, day, with elements of body art, or all-natural, fuchsia or pastel. Everything and a little more – what we offer. Any shooting and birthdays, corporate parties, or holidays … With the right makeup you are ready for everything. With us you will not go unnoticed and will always shine. Do not trust your face unskilled craftsmen, do not settle for “anything.” Do not forget it, you deserve the best!

Our makeup is not just a makeover, it’s your soul, disclosed by us. It’s what you want to express, and what we are glad to help you.

Make-up – these weapons, it can work for us and against us in the same degree, so guns should be correct and capable hands. It is these hands have our best make-up artist Ina Bukreeva


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