A gift certificate for a photo shoot (Kharkiv)

The best gift – to give a piece of happiness and beauty. Two qualities that must be present in any endeavor and work. And we are always happy to help you with that!

How often do we think that to give our loved ones? For any occasion it makes us think about the gifts. The long-awaited birth of the baby, wedding, travel together, a walk with your loved one – all this is made up of moments that want to stop, or press to pause, and again reproducing time. We offer incredible – give this opportunity to present the “memory”. GIFT CERTIFICATE to take photographs of the creative studio MNfoto (Kharkiv) will be the best gift at an affordable price and most importantly, it is universal. What do you mean, even if you do not know what kind of a present present, you can not go wrong by giving a gift certificate. Such a gift will delight and surprise, leaving a pleasant aftertaste: a series of shots, moments that will stay with you forever. Each of which can be reviewed and remember as much as you see fit. Creative photographer you just select the images that you will look the most advantageous. Whether -That studio photography, street or portfolio. Gift certificate for a photo session in a comfortable, professionally equipped studio, situated right in the center of Kharkiv would be the best gift for any occasion. Even sophisticated connoisseurs – it will appeal.

Surprising loved ones, we will not spare, and missing time talking to them about his love, that we remember and cherish them. Presenting the gift certificate you give moments, priceless moments that will be sealed and will stay with you. What could be more important? Buy a gift certificate in Kharkov can be right here and now! We will issue a gift certificate for a photo session, and any service in our studio.
Pay certificate you can while getting or money order to the card of Privatbank
The person who received the certificate as a gift, you should only register for a convenient date for the phone in a month!

At the photo shoot, we offer you to feel like a model, the creative director of his own shooting, show your imagination and be creative together with us. It will be extremely exciting and unforgettable – plunge into the abyss of creativity with us and sail in her, the beautiful. Well, in the course of work is taken to raise the anchor! Immersion))

The cost of a gift certificate for a photo session in Kharkov is the value of services that you choose, that is, you can choose how to present a budget option, and luxury!

So Prezent you can please the young mothers who want to be photographed with the children, because children grow up so fast, and every moment – priceless. Colleagues, relatives, friends, loved ones, the couple – all those who certainly have something to capture, and those who will be happy to have such a gift. We are ready to help you with this, a “we” refers to the entire team of the studio: makeup artist, stylist, lighting, makeup, and of course, our experienced photographer Mironets Natalia. The whole team will be working on the integrity of your image and the result photographies. We also help you to determine the idea and story, we will help to understand what it is you want. Photos may take place both in the studio and on the street, in the place where you want to. Pictures can be dynamic (in motion picture) or static when the time is fixed or static posture model. All shooting takes place under your leadership, your desires – that is the driving force, and our task – to direct this force in the right direction and get gorgeous pictures J After the photo with us, from the usual fixation point, it becomes a work of art. Looking through the photos after you make sure that the work is successful, the photographer will retouch the pictures and then they will be ready. And in no time you submitted. As you can see, the procedure is not complicated and fascinating.

Buy a gift certificate for a photo session and feel it all !. Remember, happy people live longer. Be happy)

Ever since the paparazzi (output to the screen in 1960 film by Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita, the main character who was a friend, paparazzi photos), photography is firmly established in our lives. If desired, and the presence of at least some of the camera, we can capture any event. Cameras, photo and video equipment and its capabilities, over the centuries, moved to an entirely new level. We offer you effective and creative gift – a certificate. For our loved ones deserve the best!