Services and prices

The cost of the photographer depends on his professionalism, but not always, it looks that way. Top price-performance is determined by objective photographer: there are masters whose work focused solely on the name, others are money, and for some it’s fun in the process. Here are those who enjoy and work process of surrendering completely, without requiring a lot of money for it. The price can always be stipulated, because the cost of children’s photo shoot, wedding, love story or impossible to calculate fully nude. After all, when you are connected to creation, then I assure you, it will be difficult to stop.

Professional photo session lasts from 1 to 4 hours. This does not necessarily work in the studio, you can make a photo shoot outdoors, in the office, at home, on the streets of the city in any other place. I have a visiting standalone studio light kit that allows you to make high-quality pictures outside the studio. It will be our joint efforts, together we can create a unique image and make interesting photos, to convey individuality, your personality, charisma.

As a result, you get a photo session:
– DVD-ROM with photographs in color and in addition to black and white. Pictures are processed in brightness, contrast, white balance and color correction are carefully hand;
– About 10-15 photos with special artistic treatment: they are retouched, they will apply interesting effects, creative color management.