Remove the music video or promotional video clip of the dance group. Kharkiv

Hello everybody! You are welcomed by the creative studio MN Photo. If you are on this page, most likely you have your own music or dance group. We will not be surprised if you have already filmed your collective on an iPhone or even called a friend with a cool camera to capture your masterpieces. We can only imagine your disappointment when the live show was ten times steeper than what happened on the film. But independent attempts and disappointment in them – this is one thing, but if you are on hopeless-but, it would seem, professional operators – this is completely different. To our deepest regret, there is plenty of amateurs in the creative business.

How can you understand that we are not one of them? Sorry, no way :) We certainly could tell you about our unprecedented victories and the best technique, as every studio does. But, as for me, our most important asset is musicality and sense of style. Whatever one may say, the fate of the video depends on the taste of the video. And we know how. Ho-ho))) Moreover, we live in creativity. Our studio has hundreds of realized photo and video projects. And, believe me, we are also creative people, and we also want to shoot something interesting and exciting. Of course, the videos of factories and industrial objects bring our studio much more profit, but our creative souls crave more))))

We create a dynamic video that keeps the viewer to the last second of the preview. The main task of the promo is to interest the viewer with his project, quality, style of performance and attractiveness of the dance. Promotional video for the dance group is your calling card, which you will use both in job search and in the newsletter for agencies and castings.

We offer the shooting of an advertising promo video for dance groups in Kharkov, and not only limits the boundaries of the territory of our beloved city and country. We like to travel, we cooperate are always ready to come to anywhere in the world to implement your masterpiece video clip. Our task is not just to make a video clip, but to create a high-quality promo video of a dance collective, which will subsequently pay for the efforts, finances and time of our clients. Your task is to prepare synchronized working movements, dance ties, the availability of costumes and excellent working mood for the video of the shooting of the dance clip. The level of preparation of your team in the perfection of the choreography of movements may not be too professional, you need to reduce the number of useless take-ups during video shooting and thus increase the chance for even better performance of video editing of your dance clip.

A qualitative video of a dance show is not the main stage in creating a promo video. The stage of editing a dance video clip is an element without which it will not be possible to produce a quality one-piece video clip.
The production of editing and the creation of a promo video includes the following moments of the organization of filming by our studio:
the development of the concept of a dance video
The first step in creating your video preproduction is the process of preparing for the main video of the clip.
– Identification of the concept of the main idea of ​​the video;
– developing and writing a script for the clip;
– preparation of the budget of the preliminary budget of the video project;
– Casting of those participating in the shooting (if necessary);
– location (location for shooting);
– Definition of the final budget of video shootings;
– the recording of the detailed “storyboard” of the planned video (list and inventory of the filming plans).

Further in the creation of the clip follows a stage called “production” which is the direct process of creating a project or creative product:
– The shooting process of the video clip;
– organization of the collection and composition of the crew;
– selection and adjustment of photo and video equipment;
– adjustment of lighting equipment;
– composition and setting.

And the last stage of creating a video is the final stage of post production, (from English post- – after, English production – production).
– Processing of footage of video material using computer programs for video and audio editing;
– imposition of visual effects;
– Design of the design of the footage;
– Computer graphic design, titles, logo placement;
– Advanced color correction;
– sound design;
– correction of light;
– final adjustments;
– editing video, as the final stage in the creation of a dance video.

The main part of the creative process to create a stylish dance video is a direct filming process. Our advantage is the professionalism of each member of the team along with excellent technique. Creative ideas in shooting a promo video will help you reduce the cost of a video project. A video clip of a dance group should not be expensive, but the video should look stylish and tasteful, and most importantly sellable. There are many inexpensive, tricky secrets of video production, without increasing the cost of creating it.

How much does it cost to make a video in Kharkov?

The final calculation of the cost of the video will specifically depend on the scope of the filming and the hours spent on it. If you go into details, the price for shooting a video clip (Kharkov, Ukraine) is formed on the basis of the following points:
– Rent locations for shooting;
– rent of requisites and suits;
– payment of transportation costs;
– cost of leasing additional equipment for filming;
– payment for the work of make-up artists, stylists and other assistants;
– The technique of processing a video clip and the complexity of special effects.

A creative studio is not a supermarket with a clear price list for each product. In the creation of each video, we put a piece of our soul, and she, as you know, is priceless. But other, more objective parameters, such as the complexity of editing and the amount of time spent on the survey itself and its preparation, we can easily calculate. Therefore, we can only negotiate the final cost in a specific case, fully understanding the idea of ​​the type and nature of its implementation.

Why do they shoot promotional promo videos of dance groups?

The fact is that having your video card as an artist, a musician, a singer or a dance group is a chance to be at a distance recommending yourself in another country and get a good contract for working abroad, or to be cast on video promo for a contest, with or to the theater , or for the same participation in a fashion show, or a television show. Options where you may need you your video card or dance video clip a lot. One thing we know for sure, for each artist, collection of that or creative area, we will be able to create a quality video promo video if you need a musical or dance video clip that does not remain without an indifferent audience.

The question is in the level of the commercial video of the dance collective? Unfortunately, not always photo-video studios can make a great material, even if the dance level of the collective is high from the usual standards, often the promo video of the dance collective is not opening the professional choreography or emotional presentation of the dance collective. And from here there may be problems with finding a good contract for a dance group. After all, it is the presence of a quality, immigrated video for the dance collective that opens up prospects for development and development not only in our country, but also abroad. Laws of advertising everywhere work the same if you turn to professionals. Firms offering high-quality shooting of a video promo clip are many, but the data that confirm the quality of their work is not enough.

Our team of professionals recommends that you shoot short, but the most saturated video promo videos for dance groups. The main task of the video business card of the dance group, to interest the watch video from the first 25 seconds and not to let go of his attention until the last seconds. If from the first seconds of the promo video does not cause interest in the viewer, you lose the chance to get a job. How else can artists make a good claim about themselves? Having lost interest to your creativity, the person hardly wants to repeat the view again.
In recent years, the trend towards a short, heavily informational video promo is controversial about the already formed style of selectivity, when viewing and casting: “short and clear.” The standard maximum time for a video card of a dance group is from 1 to 2 minutes. The recommended time for a promo video is 1 minute and a half. Believe me, at this time you can get maximum information about your work.
Video business card or promo video is the most important advertising support for an artist, musician, dancer, violinist. Our team of professionals are ready to help create a professional promotional video, which will be an excellent video card for your career.

Qualitatively made dance video shooting is the main part of the video project. An important part in creating a video for the dance team is the editing phase. It is he who completes the integrity of the promo video.
At the request of the customer, we can negotiate and draw up a contract with a detailed description of all the nuances-owls from the insignificant to the important. If you decide to order a music video in Kharkov, if you know in advance what you want to see in the end on the video, please prepare an example or approximate description of the tasks for us. If, for example, one or several video examples on which we can be guided or should look like your video clip. We do not see anything shameful in spying on colleagues a wonderful example for getting you the desired version of a promo video. We are just as happy when clients trust us and we can realize creative video promo videos embodying our team, wonderful ideas in our joint video projects.


A video clip is a video from 3.50 minutes or more made up artistically in the form of a musical sequence of frames.
The music video is mainly aimed at demonstrating or supporting the story of a musical composition and promoting a specific musical group.
The video clip itself is short, usually from 30 s to 1 min. Has, as a rule, a large number of editing, changing plans.
A demo video or demo video is an abbreviated version of a video or music product that is created as an advertisement and attracting attention to the future product. That is, if you are going to go, for example, a dance group for a contract abroad, you are preparing a demo video, a version of your shortened theatrical or dance show.
Video card is a new media marketing line in modern business or show business. Video business card can be a communicative video on the site, which will meet your potential customers or partners, or a video, in which you tell about yourself and your achievements. Video business cards are most often used by actors when looking for a job, dancers if they are far beyond the country and can not attend selection or casting. Musicians, athletes, business, corporations, campaigns, involved in sales or trends in the general spectrum to whom a video card may be unnecessary, endless.
We wish good luck to all of our and not our customers in the search for creativity and the success of their promotional PR campaign. We are waiting for you in our studio.