Professional photo retouching: examples before and after

Treatment of photos – this is purely a creative process that requires an individual approach to each client, so deadlines vary from several minutes to several hours for a single photo. I’m not just retoucher. First and foremost I’m an artist, that gives me a broader view of beauty, art and style. Secondly, I am also a photographer, so I know from experience how their mistakes to put into practice the knowledge of programs such as Photoshop and Laytrum and save almost any photo. I can assure you, I am pleased to your needs, tastes and desires!

My job quality + = returns the order within the time specified when ordering.

Here is a list of services that I can offer:
– Glamorous portrait retouching and leather
– Retouching wedding
– Clipping photos
– Color Correction photos
– Batch Processing
– And much more
Frames, flowers, wild violet toning, vyrviglaz-color, highlights, “effektiki” and “something beautiful” do not.
It hurts my delicate psyche :)

I would like to say a few words about the cost. Final price may be specified only after I have read the material, which will need to be processed. Much also depends on the volumes and deadlines. The site presents only approximate prices.
1. Basic retouching (cleaning problem skin, elimination of unnecessary small objects, color correction, sharpening, noise reduction) – 25 UAH / photo
2. Average retouching (basic package + removal of skin luster, glare, processing clothes) – 30 UAH / photo
3. Deep retouching (deep cleansing + total correction of problem areas + art color correction) – 50 UAH / photo
4. Hi-end retouching – full detailed processing of a photo by means of Dodge & Burn + Frequency Separation, taking into account the wishes of the customer (by removing the pimples before drawing certain elements) – from 70 UAH / photo
5. Beauty & Fashion – from 70 UAH / photo

If you order 50 pieces and batch processing – the price of 15 USD for 1 photo.
Execution period from 1 day to 1 month, depending on the size of the order. Payment in any convenient way

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Everyone in something good … Some are brilliant mathematicians and other outstanding athletes, and others find their outlet in writing, the fourth dissolve in children. If we talk about me: I love everything related to photography. I do not just take a great interest not earn additionally, and I love it.

I’m on a professional level high end photo retouching in Ukraine over the past 5 years, and operates internationally with renowned photographers, agencies and magazines. Fashion, commercial photo, portrait of a beautiful and meaningful retouching are my specialty. I’m not just retoucher (Kharkov, Kiev, Ukraine). First, I am an artist with a broad understanding of beauty, art and style. Secondly, I am also a photographer, so I know from the experience of my mistakes, how to apply the knowledge of programs such as Photoshop (Photoshop retouching on request) and Lightroom into practice and save almost any photo. I promise you that I have I will consider your ideas, comments, combined with the taste of my skills to turn your photos into works of art.

Prices and services

Want to ask for what I get paid that kind of money, because the prices for foreign customers I range from 10 to 30 dollars? Yes, above all for my hands, which always operate in conjunction with the heart and the mind. I’m good at what they do. Damn good!

But a little talent, you’re right. In addition, I have perseverance and persistence to achieve excellent results in image processing to order punctuality to deliver my work on time, even if it is to promise me sleepless for days and weeks. Each order for me not “another part”, and large-scale project of photo retouching (Ukraine, Kharkiv, Kyiv), to which I approach with a personal touch and with all the love for the native cause.

A good photo is priceless, but it requires the efforts of not cheap!

Want to get a qualified employee and not worry about the outcome and timing of its implementation? Then charge it to me!

Five reasons why you want to work with me:

1. High quality of my work: I’m really good in their field, as you, of course, you can see for yourself by looking at my portfolio
2. Adequate cost.
– You did a photo shoot but are unhappy with the result? Most of the photos you can “save”, having certain knowledge and skills to work in Photoshop. Just leave this to a professional
– You’re a photographer and you have enough time to process the photo? Do not make yourself sleepless months, Photoshop, and simply free yourself some time finding a good retoucher for hedging. Remember, customers love punctual photographers. Not down in the mud in the face and passing of the order, you may conquer the heart of his client and he will speak to you again and again.
3. I always do the work within the specified period.
4. I take privacy and confidentiality of my work and customers very seriously. You will not find, after his image after processing in Photoshop in the Internet. Discretion is my first priority.
5. For large orders, I’ll give you the first photo is free, so that you rate the quality of my work. Just send me a picture of the letter in the mail.

That gives me an advantage over other retouchers Ukraine?

Everyone, even the most boring 563rd frame (and maybe more) photo processing, I transformed into a magic. In addition, I possess a unique gift of perseverance and the ability to carefully step by step, to devote himself to his favorite occupation.

It’s not the shutter button is pressed and receiving a “miracle pictures” … This picture is frozen emotions, eyes, telling us its own unique story, this light, gracefully sliding on your skin, and the balance of light and shadow … This collection of a million nuances giving a photograph that catches eyes. And high-quality touch-up – this is the final point in this chain

Through his photos, I try to convey my vision. Some may like it and some may not. But if you do, after seeing my portfolio, stay on my site and want to contact me, I was lucky to see you in the top ten :) So just relax and trust rukamprofessionalnogo retoucher (Ukraine). And I was, in turn, will try to do everything to not let your expectations

A little about me …

I am an international photographer retoucher. I have worked, of course, in many cities of his native Ukraine and Russia-friendly; in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Volendam), Germany (Munich), Finland (Helsinki), Belgium (Brussels), Greece (Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos); the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Morocco (Casablanca), Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum) … and the list of countries is constantly growing. I often fly to other countries, but more often work remotely processing photos for overseas photographers and magazines. List of my partners, with whom I had the honor to collaborate, has a huge number of brands as a global and local scale. My pride is the Italian jewelry brand Roberto Bravo, the world-famous collection of women’s clothing of the former Russian spy Anna Chapman, the Belgian factory homewear Woody, a Polish brand of jewelry Karpinski (created on the basis of the jewelry factory Colibra), International Taekwon-Do Federation, as well as cooperation with many magazines and publications.

But this is only the start. Now I want a lot more! I constantly cultivating and developing. I taught new techniques retouch, correct mistakes, come up with new images, sharpen your skills in photo processing … And most importantly, I want to work! Ambitious projects and over the extremely high quality photos – that’s what I strive so hard.