Photo shoot Love Story in Kharkov

Photo shoot Love Story – a story in pictures about the history of relations of the two vleblennyh, how they met, their ties, their common interests and dreams. From the pictures, you can make a slide show with music and show at a wedding or family celebration, to give parents. Or print a photo book.

Scenario photo shoot Love Story can be based on real events or be fictional, fantastic, detective, it can be created based on your favorite movies, cartoons couples. Typically, such a photo shoot story called Love Story. But a necessary condition – it should be a story that is close to you in spirit, style and interests. If you like to watch movies – remove cinematic Love Story. If you dream of a world tour – reflect this in your shooting scenario.

Create a series of unique personal photographs is about your love story. lovestory- this photo shoot, which reflects the personality of your couple, but at the same time shows each of you as an integral, vibrant personality.

The success of a photo shoot in the style lovestory very simple. In order to get a good photoset need three components: love, idea, mood.

When planning a survey in the spring of love story, remember one rule: try to use it for the benefits of this wonderful time of year – the bright sun, warm weather, fascinating landscapes, fresh, almost full-blown foliage, the first flowers, picturesque alleys and lawns … Inhale the aroma of nature awakening after long winter. Pick up for itself vivid images, stroll through the blossoming gardens go down to the pond, picnic in the forest, or cycling. But remember that this is just a decoration for your beautiful pair, try to capture in pictures, not only beauty, but also your feelings, the most delicate and beautiful.

I have extensive experience in creating lovestory, so I can help you choose the right idea or offer a new one. You can contact me with a ready script or we can come up with it together. For each photo shoot are discussed details: the alleged accessories, style, etc.

lovestory- this is no ordinary photo shoot loving couple. This is a story about true feelings.

Every love story is unique and inimitable. In his lovestory I try to emphasize is what characterizes most passionate people and their relationships.

Lovestory it does not necessarily walk barefoot in the moonlight on the sea shore. Romance can create even in the workplace or in the comfort of home. This photoshoot could be infinitely tender and can be fun. Important in this session – your heartfelt feelings.

Love and be loved!