Time lapse in Ukraine (Kharkov)

Often in modern TV programs about nature, you can see the video in a row, created with the help of an intermediate shooting. For example, clouds that swim with huge speed in the sky, or the blossoming of a flower … The technique in question has found wide application. Interval shooting is a photograph of a scene taken at regular intervals. The resulting sequence of images is then collected in a single video series. We went further and adopted this genre in creating a video. No no. We do not invite you to shoot sunrises and sunsets. We want to make for you a memorable laconic clip in the corporate style of our photo studio.

Before we offer you such a type of shooting as video, which is the key to creating high-quality advertising for business, we take as a basis the fact that the human brain and the concentration of visual-auditory perception work at the first second of watching commercials. Then attention is dissipated and the desire to watch advertising to the end is most often lost. For this we use spatial video shooting and the creation of information submission plus we develop a competent idea. This gives a tremendous result: the stress of attention is not dissipated, but is retained until the end of viewing commercials. The number of views of this video is growing, your ratings are growing along with revenue.

So what is it and what does it eat? Interval shooting or playing with time is a concentrated video. The main principle of this is that over the past few years, an excellent way to visualize the changes that occur with the selected object for a long period. The selected object can be your restaurant, a video shot in Time Lapse mode, compressed as a temporary spring that shows the saturation of your institution. Attendance, the influx of guests of the restaurant, the structure and coordination of work with the manager hall to the waiter. We will beautifully open the details of cooking in your kitchen from A to Z. To skip the presentation to the hall, the emotions of the customers, the aftertaste of the meal and all this in an unrealistically saturated bright video in a short time, without losing the concentration of looking at your advertisement.

If it is a factory for the production of textiles, footwear or building materials, any process of production from taking pictures of jewelry, to producing cars and selling them – all this can form the basis for a video with longitudinal shooting. We create not just an ordinary video, a standard banner for the site or promotional photos for the magazine that meet your needs. Interval shooting, which we do in Kharkov and throughout Ukraine, gives potential customers the opportunity to view a mega-creative video in short but full-length periods of time, to reveal the direction in which you work, the scale of production or the volumes of output, can be specified in more detail on your website and A journal article. Our task, its video, when a potential customer finds a link to you, take possession of his attention. Quickly adapt to the possibilities with the first minutes, which you can use for a certain time.

Making a concise video clip for advertising in Kharkov or anywhere else in Ukraine and abroad. We increase the level of your work not only in quantitative workload, but also demonstrate the increase in your income. Our team of Kharkiv creative studio MNPhoto with the help of a professional videographer will help you to shoot an advertising video using the original creative concept plus an idea developed specifically for your advertising company.

Many people know that good advertising is good for business. But we know that the engine of your business will be not just good advertising, but also a short shot, in the brevity of which we will reveal the scale and show the scope of your work informing you about the essence.

You are in Kharkov or Kiev, but want to shoot a video in Amsterdam or Paris: we go and shoot videos everywhere. It does not matter which city or country you are in. We like to travel and open new spaces for our activities. If you need a video for an advertising company in Kharkov or an operator for video (Kharkov, Kiev) autobiographical videos of your person, we provide such services, supplemented with a creative idea and updates for removal and installation.

Add to the above written about the modern approach. Particular attention will be paid to wedding video shooting. As modern trends change the style of the wedding, so the modern rhythms of life make us move forward. It’s already very few people who are interested in watching videos taken from the day of your wedding, birthday or corporate party. Give it to the generation that was before us, and the sentimentality remains in its time and perception. Unfortunately, the pace and fuss of the present life, plus the lack of time, make us look for comfort in these or those moments of pastime of our leisure. At such moments, when you have already formed a family and have a reason to recall some important events from your life together, we again offer to make you a dynamic video, compressed in time, effectively for viewing in a narrow circle. We guarantee that no one will politely put on a smile, create an appearance of interest and yawn when watching such an interval video of your wedding. In case you already had this significant event, but you want to keep up with the times, we certainly do not offer you to repeat it again, but we can try using already those materials that were shot: the photo and video of your wedding. We will discuss the details in advance, put the accents that you want to emphasize in the video. We can create anew the story of your wedding or birthday in a compressed version of the interval video. You will essentially get to memory the interval view of shooting from sunset to dawn, from beginning to end but in a short time you put your life story of one memorable long day.

So, let’s sum up: an operator for an advertising company in Kharkov will help create an advertising video for the development of your business. Professional video in Kharkov will help to make high-quality video editing with the original creative idea for your videos. We are ready for fruitful cooperation and implementation of new ideas in the development of your advertising company.