Subject photo shoots for the catalog of clothes and shoes. Kharkiv

A popular type of trade is the sale of goods in networks or online stores. As in the case of photography, this direction of photographing a clothing catalog for an online store or the subject photography is one of the most popular areas in the work of our Kharkov creative studio MN Photo.

The modern rhythm of life does not always give us temporary opportunities to shop around for the purpose of making purchases. As technology and trade do not stand still, we live in a century when you can make purchases without leaving home. Social networks, online advertising, websites, banners, online stores are all developing and growing exponentially. And we are interested to follow the trends of the time, grow and make advertising photos and videos that satisfy not only our customers, but also customers of our customers. I think now there is no such modern person who would flip through the catalog of clothes, not stare at photos of beautiful dresses, suits, accompanying accessories, handbags, belts, wallets, presented to the browser for sale of this product on the Internet. This is what has become a popular form of filming. Thanks to the photo of the advertised objects such as booklets, online shops sites, for periodicals, as well as for catalogs and art albums, postcard banners and posters.

According to numerous marketing research, people make 83% of decisions based on visual information. In most cases, the picture in the booklet, catalog, on the poster is for the customer or the buyer the only way to evaluate all the merits of the depicted subject. It is on the basis of photography that he makes certain conclusions for himself, which subsequently influence his decision to buy, to his choice among the variety of sites and goods. The task of our team is to make sure that your product is as attractive and “tasty” as possible to the consumer. Qualitatively, successfully made photos of clothes and shoes for the site are able to exert a greater influence on the consumer and provoke him on the action to make a purchase than the work of the seller-consultant on the sale of the customer chosen by the customer. It is convenient for customers to go to the website of an online store, at a time when it is most convenient for them: to make their choice and make a purchase, not adjusting to the mode of the store. He considers, chooses, studies the goods presented on the site at a convenient speed of time. Professional photography of clothes can be a pledge of a successful increase in the rating of sales of the advertised goods. A qualitative photo shoot for the catalog of clothes provides for a long and laborious work, which only professional photographers can do. Photographs of clothing should not only be clear and qualitative, they must be transferred to all details, shapes and texture of the product. Our task is to emphasize the mood of the collection, with a demonstration of the concept that the designer wanted to convey in his works, while creating the things that the client is going to buy on your site.

What about shooting clothes, which is subject shooting? The difference is that for the shooting of the catalog of clothes or shoes, the model is most often needed. And in the subject survey of clothes for online store model is not always necessary. Clothing and other accessories are often removed in neutral, most pleasant tones or can be performed in a stylized composition interior. The impact accent of this photography we put on what would make the photo objects realistic and attractive for the eyes of potential customers. An object photograph in Kharkov or a subject, as it was customarily called in the people, are photographs used in advertising to demonstrate the external characteristics of the advertised product, its design, construction and significant elements.

Based on the tasks you have set, we take photos of goods, items or assortment groups, united in a frame with the general composition. All this is due to the professionalism of our team of performers. The maximum winning perspectives are achieved, convincingly “talking” about the important functional properties of the product and its distinctive features from competitive products.

In our photo studio MN Photo in Kharkov, high-quality subject photography for online stores, carried out by professional photographers at a high level. You can choose the convenient option for you: invite us to your shooting, or bring us to the studio, the material that you need to capture and process. We will reproduce objects and subject compositions with amazing clarity, every detail, even the most insignificant, will be visible in the picture with special clarity. We perform shooting not only in the studio, but also going to you, taking with you all the necessary equipment for shooting on the road, using both natural light and artificial lighting.

The primary objective of the subject photo shoot for the catalog is: when creating a portfolio of your products, and this is implied, shooting all sorts of single items, accessories, furniture, sanitaryware, materials, shoes and clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, combined compositions from various groups, create selling photos . Our professional team MN Photo knows the intricacies of the selling photo. After all, if you take a picture in such a way that the consumer can not resist buying the product. Our customers will increase their sales and consequently their profits. We, in turn, will earn regular customers, and we will support the reputation of the creative studio MN Photo as a professional team working at a high level of its activity.

The essence is always the same, help your business in the right presentation, a winning presentation of the product that you want to sell to customers. Also, depending on the complexity of the tasks you set, our MN Photo Studio offers: basic photo processing, color correction, image processing or retouching, local color correction, detailed retouching, rendering, detailing, balance and rendering of image volume, etc.

As for the details in the subject shooting of clothes, shoes and accessories, our studio, takes photos of designer clothes of complex cuts with great detail, catalog photography in Kharkov, photo shoots of clothes for online stores throughout Ukraine. Works great for increasing your sales, taking photos on the street with a professional model, voluminous photo on an invisible mannequin, taking photos of clothes in the conditions of our studio with the demonstration of your clothes by our model.

I want to pay special attention to the shooting of jewelry or a collection of a certain brand of jewelry jewelry, dishes, cutlery, interior items. For this type of subject video and photo shooting, a special approach is needed. We have international experience, in the specifics of the subject survey we use additional equipment and special adaptations – a subject table, a macro lens, a shadowless cube, polarization filters, various light sources and colored backgrounds. When shooting, the photographer must remove the glare and unnecessary reflections, emphasize the volume, depth and texture of objects in the frame, with which our retouchers are coping well. And only in the event that our customer needs to highlight the necessary surface or texture of one or another object of your product that we rent. You want to make money, MN Photo is at your service. We have enough experience to help you with this. Call, write: we are in touch!