Photo and video shooting of jewelry (Kharkov, Kiev)

Photography of jewelry requires special skill of the photographer and exquisite performance of professional photography. Speaking frankly, one mastery of a photographer is not enough; it requires the ability to convey elegance, correct color, versatility of texture, and also the volume of the jewelry. The very concept of jewelry lies in the detail of the manufacture, which applies to the shooting of jewelry. A jewelly made frame in which you can fall in love is already a seller of your products.
The desire to purchase jewelry is for every woman, but the desire to buy is not every man. The goal of a professional photographer, when making a picture of jewelry, is to create a frame with decoration so as not only to demonstrate the edges, the quality of manufacturing products, the main thing is to take a photo or video attracting the lively interest of the buyer, attracting, stimulating the acquisition of jewelry.

We always take an original and creative way of photographing jewelry, technically work properly, so we get universal photos that you can use to create an online catalog and high resolution printing. We cooperate with both private craftsmen making unique jewelry in single specimens, as well as with large manufacturers, we make photos of factories of jewelry and costume jewelery.

In fact, our profession is called an advertising photographer – it’s a photographer who knows for what purpose he is photographing. In our case, we offer photo and video shooting of jewelry in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, as well as we cooperate with domestic and foreign companies for the production of expensive jewelry jewelry. A photographer for shooting jewelry, creates a photo for advertising in a magazine or web catalog in such a way that the pictures captivate their beauty, while successfully selling products. A close-up of a subject photograph requires the use of technical nuances for photo and video shooting of jewelry. The photographer of our creative studio MN Photo has a feeling of texture and the ability to convey the beauty of the product. Paying attention to the fact that time does not stand still, we develop an individual concept to create each photo to increase the volume of your sales.

It is very important to move forward with time, to make advertising modern, as a consumer visiting the site of the Internet store, or passing by the window of a jewelry store, looks at the advertising photo of the display case or banner. He can not touch, feel tactile, or enjoy visually in real time the proposed product. We can make a video of your jewelry products instead of photos. A promotional video of jewelry will help potential customers discover the beauty of the product. Through visual perception, a person can already make a decision for 50% to make a purchase. With the help of an advertising video you will raise the rating of your sales. If you place video advertising of jewelry in your stores, you are guaranteed to receive a positive result of sales. Specially trained sales consultants are 50% of sales success, the remaining 50% does the work of a commercial video of jewelry.

When shooting jewelry jewelry there are difficulties and technical features. We use special methods of photo and video macro photography. Subject survey of jewelry is held on a special anti-glare stand with professional impulse lighting. Decorations are the most attractive and complex for photo and video shooting. Polished surface and precious stones reflect a large amount of incident light. Accordingly, the incident light creates unpredictable highlights. Experience and knowledge of the photographer in shooting jewelry will help make precious photos and video advertising a true masterpiece.