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Life without photos as a dish without salt. Video photo shooting food, or image-Food picture – this is one of our favorite areas of work. Food photography – is not just a still life photo plates of food. Food photo video – is a creative tandem, in the course of which we form a proper basis for an advertising commercial photography, which, of course, also causes an increased interest + appetite from consumers and systematic form of sales. Qualitatively, shot food photos are capable of much. The ability to take pictures of food requires special knowledge about what works best and what looks tasteless.

If you need to increase the ranking of your institution, you need to position yourself correctly, so you need a good professional shooting menu in Kharkov, and throughout Ukraine. As is known, the menu – a person restaurant. And as they say: “Meet on clothes.” So we will not offer “odezhku.” We offer a menu, Billboard, blog or web site Your new radiant face of our team. What it gives you? Clearly the rating increase, attendance, and hence an increase in profit and revenue.

Great professional experience and practice Food photographer, combined with knowledge in the field of food styling or food stilizm, helps to achieve a certain effect the desired reaction for us consumers on your ad. We note with particular diligence we use our skills fudstilizma that would get the same effect. The effect of provoking a burning desire to try food from the picture, we taste the advertised product or dish. Because we do not just remove the food standard photo or food ads in Kharkov, we create a picture, looking at which you can feel the aroma of delicious food. If you want to be not just a result of advertising, order professional photographer services in Kharkov, which will make the photo a delicious smell to the extent of the transfer of food shown.

If you want to reach a new level and different from other competing restaurants, you should pay for a new direction in food photography, such as a living menu. Not all schools have the opportunity to demonstrate the open cooking. Who lets originally interior and layout premises, the kitchen makes his establishment open to the customer to see. But in most cases these institutions is not enough. The dynamically-delicious, colorful, stylish, video menu, you offer the customer not only to look into the kitchen, thereby showing that the customer can trust your institution. You will demonstrate the composition of food and enchanting way to cook it. For viewing live video of your establishment menu or photo ads in instagram or other social networks, customers will appreciate the commitment of your institution to keep up with the times. Due to the short overall live video menu browser can view the selected recipes and cooking dishes.

The purpose of our food photo shoots – to attract the largest possible number of customers, whether on the internet of your website, brochures, outdoor billboard, banner or menu of your institution. Food video photo shoot – is the art of subconscious transfer of looking at her pulse excitation human taste receptors in the brain. We set ourselves the task of image fudfoto to be involved not only in the taste buds of the potential customer and interested him, so to speak, to seduce a tasting of a meal or a cocktail.

Bring photos to a perfect state, built with the help of properly spaced accents. Using the right equipment props and scenery to create the desired mood atmospheric images that it can be transmitted through food photo even food flavor. Keep track of all the little things to make food photo shoot natural and believable as possible. As Chef of restaurant quality controls cooking dishes putting heart and we are in awe and love working on each frame to the last detail. First of all, our customers appreciate the fact that we understand that we take pictures of the food, rather than still life, for what we are doing, and what the result should be obtained from food or shoots video clips advertising the restaurant. One goal: to raise the level of your sales.

Professional promotional video for live instagram menu, facebook and other social networks and sites is not only a powerful sales tool, but also as the best indicator of the level of your restaurant.

If you’ve read this far, we support your desire to grow their business, keeping pace with the times. For live video menu for the restaurant – a great way to show creatively using our shooting and editing skills, step by step preparation of meals or a cocktail. Food at the pictures should look juicy and delicious! The biggest challenge lies in the fact that in a photo or video can not be put to the smell. But a higher percentage of information about food goodies we get it is through the sense of smell. Delicious food in the photo should be bright in juicy colors, which would be associated with a food color, ready to eat. For example, the meat should be toasted with light smoke coming from a piece presented on a plate, ripe fruit refreshingly attractive and soup golden and warm. Another important role played by food grain rice should look crumbly solid; Tomatoes should be firm, and chicken legs or beef steak with sauce specially chosen must attract like a magnet aroma directly from the frame of our food photography. Everyone knows that the best pictures evoke emotion. If it is something that can fill me stronger feelings than the picture gently cooked and perfected taste dishes?

In order to convey the flavor of the food often use human emotion in the photo or video. People at the sight of delicious food peculiar to lick, and after enjoying the rich taste of the food eaten to cover the eyes and sometimes even with the internal purring that does not arbitrarily pulled out at each piece bitten off. Above described in the preceding sentence may serve as an example of one embodiment of food photo shoots not in isolation but in conjunction with the model.

Create a composition. Sometimes, in order to show that the food is fresh, delicious and prepared with quality ingredients, a photographer or a food stylist creates a comprehensive food composition in the frame of the advertised products or dishes. There is a significant difference in the perception of advertising, when laid out next to the dish all the ingredients that look extremely appetizing fresh and juicy. The viewer is no doubt that the dish itself and the advertised product or the taste of the same fresh, tasty and juicy. Just food composition at a photo shoot for restaurants in Kharkov can be directed to associative thinking. For example, in wine advertising often shoot beautiful feed slicing cheese at the wine, either, when it comes to advertising of coffee, often in the frame reinforcement to coffee and chocolate milk stands. To take cream with its associated advertising can be a plate of her with fragrant soup and donuts. What kind of soup without the cream? :) If it’s steak shooting, the association will be a bunch of green salad, spices and sauce. Thus it is possible to play with the resulting advertising that is delayed for a long time in the memory of consumers as the originality of performance and creativity in creating a photo or video in Kharkov food can attract even more customers. Food photo shoot and video is another tool that can significantly increase your income in Kharkiv and make a popular restaurant across Ukraine. Internet evolves and is not static, in a short time a large percentage of the traffic will enter into the domain of video projects. We do professional PR food.

For any high-quality, tasty made advertising, it is the work of a team of professionals. Time changes all the rules, fashion and trends are of no particular significance. Such direction as the photo shoot in Kharkov Food and service in the restaurant business – is that develops every day to surprise consumers become more and more difficult. If you want a good advertisement which will pay off and make a profit, you just need to invest financially and emotionally, to get the result for a long time. It is offering to make you our studio!