Commercial photography advertising. Subject photography

To take pictures of any complexity: from simple studio photography clothing on uniform background for the catalog, to large-scale advertising shoots. We are fully prepared to take on the organization and conduct of professional film-making process with the involvement of the necessary personnel, conducting model casting, the selection of necessary props, creating scenery and choice of subject. As well as post-processing of the material and the creation of promotional leaflets (layout and printing).


– Selection of models
– Find the necessary equipment and decorations
– All kinds of pictures (catalog on striped background Stylized advertising, branding)
– Detailed treatment (figure correction models, smoothing the skin, and color-svetokorrektsiya all frames)
– The creation of catalogs and printing
– Advertising survey can be carried out both in the studio and on the road to the organization of transport of studio equipment that is absolutely not affect the course of the entire process

2. Object photography

– Onsite
– The possibility of a test shooting
– Individual approach to customers
– Photo on a perfect white background, or gradient
– Taking pictures of objects of any size, from jewelry to furniture
– Any postprocessing

3. photoshoot for Billboard

– Selection of models
– Find the necessary decorations
– The organization of the whole process of shooting
– The possibility of gluing pictures of several parts for large billboards (3×6 m)
– Any touch-up
– The ability to print on wholesale tiporgafiyah

4. The post-processing your photos

– Cleaning or removing background
– Image rotation
– Resizing photos
– Addition of field
– Work with the saturation, contrast and light-shadow picture
– Adding a shadow on the subject
– Text overlay (watermark, company logo, slogan with any effects, etc.)
– As well as any possible photo retouching

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Object photography is unthinkable to use in the modern world. Even if you are a regular Internet user, you somehow have used a product made in the direction of the shooting subject. Designed subject shooting for the promotional booklets or firms using a photo ready for their promotional purposes.

Subject photography is a fine line, and those who feel it always show interest in almost all kinds of what he saw. You agree that not everyone starts to sing enthusiastically just spilling jam on the table with a white tablecloth. So the photographers involved in predmetkoy Harkovebolshoy my sincere Respect!

Constantly reinventing staging frame from creative studio develop good habits all notice and most importantly it was not just a hobby – it rallied to a wealth of experience on the selection of objects in the frame. Predmetka and Kharkiv develops more slowly than Ukraine, but it is not the last position in the ranking. And we try to in a complex, multi-level building, or on the contrary, the most simple to combine different things and if it is necessary for your order, and involvement of experienced models.

How does it work subject shooting for customers? For simple catalog offers you give the task, and we form the lineup for dispatch on working with prepared material. For more constructive saturated, or in other words, market-directed, we will pre-determine the formation of the work and discuss the departure of personnel. Necessary experts – stylists, food stylists, the selection of props, scenery creation, choice of subject and the subsequent retouching footage. We accompany each of his footage to the finish line, that is, to its logical conclusion, and your approval.