Pregnancy – a special period in the life of a woman who seemed to glow from within and looks delicate, soft and a little helpless. He would like to keep for years to come, not only in memory but also in the photographs. This is not just rounded tummy, but rather the moment of this exciting anticipation of the baby born. This mother-hatched baby at heart.

Pregnancy – is a magical moment: the state of origin of the Miracle, waiting and hope, full of love and tenderness for her future baby, mystery and anxious waiting, it’s a special tenderness and beauty, which I would like to stress at a photo shoot. These months will never go from the memory, but will be a pleasant prekrasnyefotografii additional reminder. That’s why pregnant women holding a photo shoot by creative studio MNfoto (Kharkiv) – always very demanding job for the photographer. These photographs will live for you a source of positive emotions, joy and happiness. This work should be trusted only to the professional photographer who will take pictures of really touching.

Make a photo shoot of a pregnant Kharkov quite expensive pleasure, you only need to find a photographer you liked or seek the services of a professional studio. I hope my cheap prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Secure joyous moment of life allows couples photoshoot pregnant with her husband. The right time for a photo shoot of a pregnant – is the 7th – 8th month of pregnancy when the belly is already quite grown up, but still very neat. Filming is better to spend in studio, where you can do everything in a measured, without regard to the weather situation or inappropriate. On a photo shoot of a pregnant usually enough 1-2 hours. We took photos, of which 10-15 will be held later retouching, and all the sources you will still be written to disk

Waiting for the baby – the most exciting and at the same time, a very important period in the life of a woman. Bermennosti girl in this period is particularly attractive as if lit from within, its natural beauty and magic. At the same time we should not forget that a pregnant woman – is very sensitive and vulnerable, and therefore the main condition for the delicate photography pregnant (bermennosti photo shoot) is the absolute comfort. I, as a young mother, are familiar your increased need for care and positive emotions.

Studio photo of pregnant “tum” must be present in every family archive and best of all, these pictures have been created by a professional photographer on a pregnant photo shoot. And what about the whole impressive photo-pregnancy report, which displays the different stages of development of a new life? Personally, I have in this regard there are plenty of interesting ideas which I am ready to share with you! In order to focus on the essentials – the future little one for a studio photo shoot would be the best fitting and translucent clothes. You can also capture the tummy as such, in the arms of her husband, or even a happy future mother naked.

My dear, it’s your time, enjoy and appreciate it, because it is such wonderful moments composed the meaning of our life.

Professional photo shoot of pregnancy – that’s how to begin your new family photo album. New, because very soon everything will change. New, because the toothless smile and tiny feet soon lead your life for a very different, but not necessarily a happy way. And while you’re with your baby is a whole – treat yourself to a photo shoot of pregnancy, which is the first professional photography for your baby (yes, he’s still in the tummy, but very, very photogenic). But how to make the right choice? For studios, offering pregnant photo shoot – a cart and trolley. How not to miss and find a better “pregnant” Photos?

Looking through the site photo studios, which gives Google and Yandex requests “photo shoot of pregnancy in Kharkov,” do not stop only at the viewing gallery. Here’s what else we strongly recommend to pay attention.

Reviews of photographers – our calling card!

Option “Yes you do, and they’re” rule once: we simply do not have time for this. We heard that there are photographers, which record – in the months ahead? Do not let pride – we are one of them. If other photographers are encouraged and are confident that it will return to at least the family photo session (and even the second “pregnant”), – believe me, it is best that he can hear from customers.

Come to us confidentially report: for the time to forget that you are pregnant. In a good way – he retreated toxicosis not arise suddenly desire to snack bucket of strawberries, and even the body ceased to require you to be away to the bathroom (which is somehow annoying many the thought of a pregnant photo shoot, although we recall – we will not speschim and work on the result) .

The secret is simple: our goal – not a quick otschelkat that is given to the customer in exchange for bank notes, and give you a nice opportunity to enjoy not only the result but also the process. The “camera-motor work” – not our methods. We do not know how anyone, and we feel very well and understand your difficult and at the same time excellent condition. And yes, it is immodest, but words can not erase – we are able to quickly and easily find a common language that will greatly help you relax and stop “clamped” (usually, we need about 10 minutes to melt not only Miss restraint, but not Mr. -I want-I-fotkatsya-I-don’t-photogenic).

Retouching – we treat your hands, not plug-ins!

If you do not know the difference, so get ready for a photo shoot became pregnant recently. In processing the captured images are processed by the plugin “robot” – a soulless program, which is still with whom to remove “pyatnyschki”, though with a man, even with an apple. We are making very high quality magazine retouching, in which all is processed individually, in detail and by hand. To view the photo as a microscope and with the aid of special tools, for example, to correct the contours of the body or remove deffekty skin may take several hours. But the game worth the candle stands – you get the picture where you are – not indifferent plugin blurred spot and pure perfection.

What is the optimal time for a photo shoot pregnant?

I am often asked, on what term is best done a photo shoot pregnant. In fact, there is no precise figures, and it all depends on your state of health.

Normally a period of 25 weeks and above is great for photo shoots, on this term tummy already perfectly clear, and while it may not deliver the expectant mother much inconvenience.

Of course, it is possible to carry out a photo session, and at 35 weeks, and even later, if you have no medical contraindications, and I can assure you, at this period, you will also get a fine in the pictures!

But after 30ti weeks you may be harder on a photo shoot, and swelling may occur, which adds some inconvenience during shooting. The experience of their own pregnancy, I can say that after the 30th week longer sleepy, and already there might not be up to a photo shoot :)

As for booking a photo shoot pregnant, it is never too early to do! Good photographers usually take a limited number of orders per month, and booked a photo session in advance, you can be sure that you hold a photo shoot for just the photos that you choose!

Can a husband and older kids participate in a photo shoot?

Yes of course! I always welcome the willingness of future popes to participate in a photo shoot, and if your family has older children, we will be able to take photos of all your extended family!

In this case, for your convenience, I always recommend that Dad or someone else from the family brought the older child in the second half of the photo shoot: then we’ll work with you first, and then complete the photo shoot part of the family.

What you need to bring a photo shoot?

The main thing – a charge of vivacity and good mood and everything else will take care me! :) But seriously, do not forget to bring a bottle of water just in case you want to drink, and maybe some snacks.

Of course you will need to take a few changes of clothes for a photo shoot. You do not know what to choose? Do not worry, I will give you some advice and help with the selection of clothes during our initial meeting.

Why a professional make-up?

I always recommend to my clients the use the services of a professional makeup artist before the photoshoot pregnancy.

High-quality make-up is important for several reasons. Firstly, the color partially “eaten up” by the photos, so your usual daytime makeup may not be enough. That is why the make-up for photo shoots are usually brighter than the one to which you are accustomed. But do not worry, makeup certainly will take into account all your wishes and you will still feel myself.

The second reason why it is so important a professional make-up, lies in the fact that during pregnancy often appears excessive pigmentation of the skin. Professional makeup artist skillfully hide these temporary disadvantages that you can feel really beautiful!

I work with several professional make-up artists, so if you decide to use this service, all the organizational issues I’ll take over, and you will not have to worry about it.