Video editing on order, editing services

The creative studio MN Photo is engaged not only in the creation of tasty videos in Kharkov from and to, but also in the remote editing of your video material.

In our time, in order to shoot a video, it is not necessary to have a video camera. With this task smart phones and tablets, which are always at hand, perfectly work, as well as modern SLR cameras, thanks to their variety of interchangeable lenses can compete with even some professional cameras. People accumulate gigabytes of video material, which is useless to be stored in the memory of our devices. Or is it not? Open your phone. How many videos do you have? Five hundred? One thousand? 10 thousand? There are hundreds of videos from the travels, and thrilling videos from the night club, shot on a drunk hand, and memorable dates that the hand does not rise to remove. But in a few years they simply turn into unsorted house. Agree, because of their number, protracted scenes or unsuccessful riches, you do not even have a desire to spend a couple of days trying to revise them all.

Of course, you can rely on the fact that old age will come and you will open it for this time or the hands of your heirs will get to them and put things in order … Or you can just find yourself a creative video editor who remotely makes a candy out of all this.

“Expensive” – ​​you will say. And how much do your memories cost? How much is a video from 7 years of life, where your child from a small roll, which you handed in the maternity home, learned to walk, talk, read and write and now stands on his first school line with a briefcase in his hand? How much does a video clip cost, on which a young man descends to one knee and utters coveted words? How much is a video from the most memorable journey in your life, where every minute was imbued with new impressions, happiness and entertainment? Our answer: “Memories are priceless!”

You can put a hundred videos into a separate daddy and show them to your friends in the hope that they will not die of boredom, or you can order the creation of a video clip from us and share it in social networks so that all your friends and relatives share these moments with you.

Features and opportunities or How do we work?

If you know what you want

The doors of our studio are always open for you! You can come personally or our editor will come to you and for a cup of coffee you in tandem will create a unique video. For out-of-town customers, we can negotiate options for cooperation on Skype

If you want to rely on our creativity and professionalism

Just trust your material with us and tell us about your wishes. If necessary, our entire large team arranges brainstorming to fill your video with creativity and eccentricity, and you are already deciding which of this to give the green light. Our experts will do everything possible to translate your ideas into reality.

What video editing can you contact us?

• After a memorable event, corporate or birthday, you have a ton of videos from different devices and you do not know how to approach it? Just discard all the material to a professional and we will make a colorful video that will be interesting to see even those who were not at this event.
• Do you shoot your favorite kids on the phone? Each step and a new word is a kind of victory. Each of their drawing and crafts are priceless memories for a lifetime. We will help you make funny video clips with their participation, which you will smile with after a few years.
• Travel and travel can easily be turned into a colorful video.
• If you have a new dynamic hobby, you are engaged in extreme sports and shoot it all on the action camera, along with professional editing of your video you can surprise your friends with unreal drive rollers.
• You had a unique day of your wedding, and as a result you did not get a professional video from your operator – it does not matter either. You can contact our specialists and discuss all possible options for installing a new wedding film from the same material.
• Piles of photos can be turned into a beautiful slide show to your favorite music and give them a second life.
• For companies and corporate clients, we can offer the creation of high-quality presentations in which you can visually present your material to your partners.

Our advantages. Video editing with creative studio MN Photo is:

• Professional result at affordable prices.
• Individual approach to each client.
• Observance of a fine line between our creativity and compliance with your wishes in the installation of a video on order.
• Using the best software
• Ability to travel to the customer and canvassage in his presence for an additional fee.
• Shortest possible time.

What can I do when ordering a video clip in our studio?

• Sort the video;
• Delete unnecessary frames;
• Select the best moments;
• Accelerate and slow down the video;
• Enhance the sharpness, contrast and richness of the picture;
• Line up the storyline;
• Put video footage on the music;
• To pick up noise and sounds;
• Make voiceovers (record narration);
• Add comments, text and captions;
• Create a presentation;
• Add advanced effects and transitions;
• Translate from format to format;
• Write original music and text;
• Develop a cover for the future drive.

We tried to make the work with our studio as comfortable as possible for you!

Why do I need a professional video editor?

At the moment there are a huge number of programs for video editing. A simple video, each of us can easily make and on your phone. But for a really worthwhile movie you have to sweat. You need to understand the infinite variety of settings and tools for professional video editors, formats and codecs, as well as have a sense of style and tact to beautifully and correctly put your picture on music.

A professional video editor can easily sort video material, make a watchable storyline, decorate it with beautiful video effects, put it on the music, inserting other sound effects, add text.