Creating a creative advertising videos. Kharkiv

Creative studio MNfoto (Kharkiv) creates not just commercials. In these short 20-30 seconds, we put your soul, filling a simple idea of ​​a sequence of frames for positioning your brand in line with the marketing objectives of the roller.

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What are we doing?

We present to you customers from the Internet, creating a high-quality promotional videos.

What we do NOT do?

We do not waste time not yours, not ours. Time is precious now.

No return on advertising? You do not see yourself on Google? On the site visitors constantly come, but your orders are not growing? You want to create a positive image of your company? Thinking of recognizability and vostrebovatelnosti your brand? Trying to add a drop of creativity in the presentation of your services to the consumer? Then you to us)

Agree: photos – good texts – is understandable, but the video – is another matter. What is not a video, show your customers clear advantages of your product or service? Or tell you about the excellent work of all the company’s services and explains the simplicity of the buying process … Of course, it is a promotional video, which can be ordered in MNfoto.

Why do you need a video?

If you have a new and unique product or service

You are at the right place! You want to tell users about your brand? Bring them to a web site? Subscribe to your channel youtube? The main is to define the target audience of your product or service and targeting your advertising directly on it. Most accommodation video systems that we use allow properly target your advertising right on gender, age, interests, location, social status, and other parameters.

In the modern world the text is not read

Our society is transformed from readers in the audience, because watching videos is convenient and easy. In most cases, a short video can lead to an explosive growth of traffic to your website and increase the number of calls. The average Internet user spends on oznaokmlenie with 20-30 seconds of the site and, entangled in endless texts, just go to the next. Your task – to have time to present information so that he did not want to leave. Make high-quality video content, reduce the cost of time and earn more. Everything is so simple!

You will receive a competitive advantage by making quality advertising

The more interesting video clip, the more it will attract a large audience and get more effective your advertising campaign. Be the first among its competitors. Be in trend!

We love what we do

This is probably the most important advantage of our team. We love to shoot advertising products and promotional videos for companies. Creative approach, modern equipment and experience contribute to the creation of high-quality video.
We love, know and can do. Order video in Kharkov (Ukraine) and get the maximum growth – that is what we strive for. We think before you do something. The effectiveness of our advertising and 80% higher than the market average.

Prices for movies

We are working on the result. We can help, we can find the most convenient option, taking into account your budget. Our clients advertising generates income, rather than consumption.
The cost of shooting video and prices for the creation and production of promotional videos in Kharkov (Ukraine) depend on the complexity of the advertising project (scenario, the number of participants, duration, etc.).


We are preparing to capture the complex: design concept, working with the best models, write story scenario and bring ideas to life.


We have available HD RAW video capture, allowing you to achieve amazing results in the image!


Our range of activities also includes the mounting processing, visual effects, color correction, motion design and sound processing. We offer our modern vision or working on the client’s wishes.

People GFF

We can be friends, working together. This makes it possible to achieve excellent results.

Travel photo & video

We love destination work for the opportunity to show the beauty of the world, even in the promotional video. Field shooting stimulate the creative aspect of our work, inspired and energized.